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Jenna Kay Foertsch: Meeting the Challenge at NASA’s Johnson Space Center

It was a few days before the Intern Photo Challenge submission was due. The interns at NASA’s Johnson Space Center slowly shuffled into our weekly meeting, and you could hear the usual bouts of laughter muffled from the outside...


The Future of The No-Collar


Since NASA’s inception, the Agency’s workforce might be characterized as full-time workers with fervent loyalty to the Agency. However, as the workforce transforms, NASA is redefining their talent pool to include freelancers, remote employees, and even robots...


Redesigning for the Future: the Age of Impact

At the intersection of technology, mission, and people is NASA’s need to continuously redesign how we accomplish our work while, at the same time, preserving our core values and ethos of what makes NASA uniquely NASA. Today’s complex, interconnected work environment – and the speed of the information age – requires a different approach to sustain organizational success...


Teleworkouts: Working Out While Working From Home

The Mechanisms, Maintenance and Crew Systems (CX4) Division within the Flight Operations Directorate at NASA’s Johnson Space Center is paving the way for a new telework trend: teleworkouts...


Artemis Generation: The Younger Generation’s Perspective

It’s no secret that we are in a revolutionary era for human spaceflight. From a generation not directly influenced by watching Apollo launches and landings, the Artemis Generation’s space upbringing was shaped by commercialization and partnerships rather than Moon landings...


Ready, Set, Robonauts: 24 Years of Impact

24 years of developing engineers. 24 years of mentoring 118. 24 years of empowering students. Although the 2020 FIRST Robotics season was indefinitely postponed, FIRST decided to proceed with awarding some of their most prestigious awards, one of these being the Woodie Flowers Award that recognizes mentors who lead, inspire, and empower those around them.

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