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Making the Workforce Great Again: The Millennial Work Ethic

Jenna has more irons in the fire than anyone I know. She’s a serial innovator, working with many startups like Wonghaus, (The parent company of those that make the Meme Bible) hosts a very famous blog on Tumblr, and does data visualization, content creation, graphic design, and makes memes (of course) for NASA...


Robotics a leaping-off point

for BHS grad

Until knee problems ended Jenna Kay Foertsch’s volleyball career at Burnsville High School, she hadn’t thought much about FIRST Robotics. She saw team members heading down to the basement after school. A joiner by nature, Foertsch eventually followed...



Today, the Brooke Owens Fellowship announced its newest class of “Brookies,” a cohort of extraordinary undergraduate women in aerospace selected for their professional aptitude, their creativity, their leadership ability, and their commitment to serving their communities. These 38 young leaders—currently completing their bachelor’s degrees at universities in nineteen states plus the District of Columbia—have been paired with jobs at the nation’s leading aerospace companies and organizations, as well as executive level mentors committed to helping the Fellows achieve their considerable potential.


NASA Announces Winners of First Digital Transformation Hackathon

Winning Team: The Xterrestrial team’s key deliverable was a compelling 7-by-7 digital transformation culture action matrix to address seven plain-English barriers and achieve seven tangible real-world goals that will move NASA’s digital transformation culture forward.


Team members:

  • Kevin Antcliff, Langley Research Center

  • Nick Skytland, Johnson

  • Adrianne Blume, Johnson

  • Jenna Foertsch, Johnson

  • Holly Kurth, Johnson

  • Kathryn Mays, Johnson


Christa McAuliffe Commemorative Coin Honors Teachers, Fundraises for Global Education Nonprofit

The Christa McAuliffe Silver Dollar will help raise funds for FIRST initiatives that have already had a life-changing impact on students, furthering its reach and impact worldwide. Jenna Kay Foertsch, a FIRST alum, once wandered into a robot-building workshop at her high school in Burnsville, Minnesota and never looked back.

Image by Jannis Lucas

One91 Trailblazers: Jenna Kay's Journey To NASA

Jenna Kay Foertsch understands - and appreciates - the time and hard work her teachers in Burnsville-Eagan-Savage District 191 dedicated to her learning.


Tallo: Ask Me Everything - Jenna Foertsch @ NASA Johnson Space Center

Jenna Kay Foertsch currently works in the Office of Planning, Integration, and Environmental at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. She is also currently on rotation within the NASA robotics directorate. Originally from Minnesota, Jenna Kay graduated from the University of Minnesota with a special focus on the integration of STEM and business concepts. A recipient of the Brooke Owens Fellowship, Jenna Kay has an extensive background in freelance consulting, high powered rocketry, mentoring, robotics, and asking the hard questions. 

Podcasts & Videos

Brooke Owens Fellowship Application
Making Life Better for Others Through Aerospace 

Your Space Journey

The Summer of Mars: Perseverance & Ingenuity

In this episode our panel discusses NASA's upcoming Perseverance mission, including its passenger Ingenuity, the first ever helicopter designed to fly on Mars. Targeted for launch in July 2020, the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover will seek signs of past life, set aside a returnable cache with the most compelling rock core and soil samples, and demonstrate technology needed for the future exploration of Mars.

Hot Nozzle Summer 2021

The Rocketry Show Podcast
Jenna Kay Foertsch on This Year's Hot Nozzle Summer Event

Welcome to Episode 114 of The Rocketry Show! In this Episode, we'll be talking about The Hot Nozzle Summer 2021 event! Jenna Kay Foertsch is the one responsible for making it happen, and she joins us from the Johnson Space Center in Houston, where she works, to talk about how the event came about, and how things went.

vNARCON 2022
Hot Nozzle Society - Igniting Passion in The Next Generation of Rocketeers

The rocketry movement led by the folks at Hot Nozzle Society was founded just last year in 2021. What began as a viral social media post quickly burst into a movement within high powered rocketry that seeks to ignite the passion of a new generation and historically underrepresented groups. Jenna Kay Foertsch (Director) and Andrew Adams (President) will lead you through the story of how HNS began, talk about the Hot Nozzle Summer event, and shed light on Hot Nozzle Society's vision for rocketry's future. This keynote is a must-watch for anyone who seeks to empower the next generation of passionate rocketeers.

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